I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t completely enamored with photography. Long before I learned the technical aspects of it, I realized that I had a photojournalist's eye. My experience has taught me to observe without influencing the action and to anticipate the unexpected moments. It is in those moments that the true story unfolds.

 I grew up in Maine and developed a deep connection with nature. You will see that in my pictures, whether they are taken in a park, at the beach or in your back yard, because light and texture provide such a beautiful background for my subjects. There is nothing better than capturing a barefoot child playing in the grass with sunlight filtering through baby fine hair.

Over several years I honed my craft through classes at NYU and The New School, through excellent professional mentoring, and most importantly through constant experience. My business officially began in 2005 after the birth of my children. Will and Kate provide endless inspiration and their presence in my life led to my special passion for photographing children and families.

Nature photographer Galen Rowell once described his work as "photographing light". I would add that my job is photographing emotion...capturing the intimate moment between parent and child, bride and groom, or the belly laughs of life long friends.